Ready Made Shabbos Box by Greenwald

Ready Made Shabbos Box by Greenwald

All orders need to be in by Wednesday April 29th at 2:00PM


Friday Night
5 People
5 Slice Gefillte Fish
1 lb Cole Slaw
1 lb Pickles
1 lb Cucumber Salad
2 Dips
Chicken Soup
5 Matzah Balls
5 Pieces Baby Chicken
Potato Kugel-Round pan
String Beans
Shabbos Day
2 Dips
1 IB Cole Slaw
1 IB Pickles
1 IB Health Salad
5 Pieces Gefillte fish
Chopped liver
5 Slices Kishka
Cold Cuts – Pastrami, Turkey Breast,
1-Yerushalmi Kugel- Round pan
4 pieces Schnitzel


Substitutions: None, this is a package, we can only provide this as a package.

No returns- all sales are final


We take no responsibility as all the boxes are coming from the listed vendors


  • Pick up Information

    Pickup Times: Thursday April 30th from 7-9 PM

    Pickup Location: Blue Claws Stadium - 2 Stadium Way. You will receive an e-mail once order is ready to be picked up.

    New distribution set up; There will be different lines for each box type.

    Pickup Rules: 

    • Do NOT get out of your car. Do NOT open your window.
    • Please write your order number in LARGE down on a piece of paper.
    • The box will be placed in your car's trunk. Please ensure your trunk is empty before coming. You will not be able to get out of your car.